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wonder boy

Title: wonder boy
Pairing: jongin/baekhyun
Genre: romance
Rating: pg
Summary: prompt:"in which Jongin admires how Baekhyun takes care of the children in the orphanage"
Disclaimer: I just own the story, none of the boys.
a/n: first filled prompt, yay, hope you like this anon who requested.

Baekhyun’s a lot of things to Jongin’s eyes.

He’s really charming, funny and at first during the first time where they were still a lot more awkward around each others, he seemed to be the type who’d be full of himself and a bit snobbish until he smiled and Jongin thought about how so unfair this was.

That was before he heard him sing though and kind of got that this must be a thing, for Baekhyun, to destroy every little bad perceptions made on his person and he does it so well that Jongin shouldn’t be surprised at how he can also manage to actually charm his way into children’s hearts too.

All of them are doing good with the children though, Sehun’s kind of building some type of sand castle because the snow has just started to melt and they can see some dust so he’s taking advantage of that, which some of the boys gathered around him love.

Chanyeol’s running around with a girl perched on his shoulders, Kyungsoo’s playing hide and seek with a few while Joonmyun’s reading a book to three little boys sitting and staring up at him with the most attention they’ve got, which is really tiny but somehow it’s been ten minutes and they haven’t left their spot yet.

Jongin—well, Jongin was playing with two of them when suddenly they all seemed to gravitate to Baekhyun and he wasn’t the least offended by it, it meant he got to sit around, do nothing but look at Baekhyun deal with at least five tiny people trying to climb on him and laughing when they manage to tackle him down.

He joins in too and although Baekhyun doesn’t look pleased at that, he just shrugs, leaning against one of the cupboards and crossing his arms, clearly intent on ignoring Baekhyun’s plea when he starts getting tickled.

“Get them off me at least.” Baekhyun says through fit of laugh.

To which Jongin shakes his head, “You’re doing good.” There’s a grin on his face, then a little tug at his heart when Baekhyun rolls on his stomach and lets the kids climb on his back and jump up and down on it as if they’re going for a ride and this one kid keeps shouting, “Do the horse!

Jongin can tell Baekhyun’s about to say something, maybe refuse but then he just sighs and gets on all four and this is too ridiculous for him not to laugh, even if it’s also adorable and Baekhyun barely takes two steps forward before he’s giving up, flopping back down on the floor and turning his head to look at the two kids on his back.

“Alright, you monsters go bother Jongin, I’m exhausted.”

The kids just laugh, but they comply and Jongin wonders how Baekhyun does that, he just says it and they seem to all understand that it’s time to do as he says.

He crouches to pick up the little boy that runs to him in his arms and when he looks down to try and fit the little girl, he glances to where Baekhyun’s still sprawled on the ground, tilting his head on the side in a way that makes him look so young and candid Jongin almost walks to him to kiss the smile he has off his face.

He’s pulled back to earth with the tug on his sleeve though, “Hurry.” The girl whines a little and finds her smile once Jongin picks her up. He ignores the tingling redness that’s settling on his cheeks and also decides not watching Baekhyun for a little while would be a good idea.

It’s always a bit harder to leave the kids, they cling to them and especially to Baekhyun, who just promises to come more often and they nod, a little bit sad but giving in too. All the rest of them have to do is let Baekhyun or Joonmyun handle the more sensitive ones and walk to their vans waiting for them outside.

They don’t wait for that long though before Baekhyun slides in the back with Jongin and Sehun, squirming until Sehun’s get a lapful of Baekhyun who just shifts till Sehun gets the idea and moves to the other side for Baekhyun to fit in right between him and Jongin.

“Hey,” Baekhyun says softly, leaning up and kissing Jongin’s cheek then pulling one of his earphones out to tuck it in his ear.

Jongin smiles, his arm automatically finding its way around Baekhyun’s shoulder and pulling him flush against his side, he closes his eyes a smile on his face when he mumbles with his mouth against Baekhyun’s hair, “You’re so good to them.”

“We all are.” Baekhyun answers back, his fingers are absentmindedly playing with the hem of Jongin’s shirt.

That’s the fucking thing with Baekhyun, he’ll never just accept a compliment that’s just about him, Jongin thinks and chuckles.

He has to really resists the urge to breathe I love you, with his nose so deep in Baekhyun’s hair because they aren’t that deep into it yet and he’s still a bit scared of all of this even though Baekhyun makes it so simple by looking up and kissing his mouth, slowly, with nothing but their lips moving till Jongin sighs pinking because Sehun clears his throat behind them.

“You’re still the best,” he says rubbing his nose to Baekhyun who shakes his head, starts to protest but Jongin shushes him, lips tight, pursed with a finger against them, “No arguing.” He adds.

Baekhyun rolls his eyes, he could argue again if he wanted to, but instead he decides to snuggle closer to Jongin’s warmth, Jongin definitely doesn’t miss the coloring of his cheeks, nor does he miss the softly whispered thanks, geez.

“That’s my boy.” Jongin says and he knows he deserves the punch he gets against his side.

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