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kisses 2/19

Title: kisses 2/19
Pairing: jongin/baekhyun
Genre: romance
Rating: pg
Summary: those are drabbles/oneshots on 19 different type of kisses baekhyun and jongin share under certain circumstances.
Disclaimer: I just own the story, none of the boys.
a/n: inspired by this. oh okay i quite like this one. and it got too long.

take a ride - they're all part of the list - first time - kisses {+surprise}


Jongin’s sure if he tells Baekhyun that it has something to do with pride he might get hit and forbidden to ever step a foot inside of his apartment ever again. So he keeps it a secret, he’s not sure for how long it’ll last, but he’ll keep it for as long as he can.

But it’s kind of surprising how Baekhyun hasn’t caught on yet, still he’s not going to complain about it or let Baekhyun in when Jongdae or someone else picks up on it during the week.

It all started back then with the shopping he forced Baekhyun into, well, back then it was probably not the first time Baekhyun borrowed his clothes but it was the first time Jongin found himself liking a particular part of it, they were big on Baekhyun.

Not to the point where Baekhyun was tiny in it, but big enough to expose an expanse of skin on his shoulder where Jongin’s mouth could fit.

It wasn’t even that much exposure, just enough skin for Jongin to smile each time it did and then he kind of dropped by the next day, stayed over night and left another one of his shirt there, he almost caught a cold for going to his class with just a coat and a freaking tank top and Sehun called him an idiot.

But it was worth it when he caught sight of Baekhyun later, the sleeves of Jongin’s polo rolled up, biting on his bottom lip with the end of his pencil tapping a rhythm Jongin found his eyes following, if he had to go through Sehun hitting his head a million of times because of how dumb he looked right now, it would be worth it.

That was what he thought back then before walking up behind Baekhyun’s chair and startling him by leaning in till his chin could fit in the curve of his shoulder, his skin warm and tickling Jongin’s unshaved skin.

“You really need to start shaving regularly.” Baekhyun chuckled then without tearing his eyes off his work, which didn’t really matter not when Jongin’s mouth found his shoulder, laying all the way to where the polo stopped disappearing.

He almost gave it away then with the words, that’s mine, almost rolling off his tongue.

But he’s glad he kept it in check, because this has been going on for more than a week due to his great acting skills and he’s elated, totally glowing every time Baekhyun decides to go for his shirts or polos instead of his own. Well, there’s also the question as to why Baekhyun doesn’t question it and why he loves being in Jongin’s clothes so much but he doesn’t dwell on it long as he’s got what he wants.

Sehun might be right, he might really be a bit too sick when he talks about Baekhyun and he might actually sound a little too obsessed, he’s not obsessed this is a normal behavior and Sehun would understand if he had someone like Baekhyun in his life, except he doesn’t and will never have someone like Baekhyun in his life.

Which sucks for him, but not so much, Jongin quite likes being the one who can pull Baekhyun on the couch next to him and laugh quietly with the sound getting lost in his neck, his tongue sweeping by Baekhyun’s vein and his mouth closing down on it while lowering to leave the same mark he’s left on the neck to where Baekhyun’s shoulder stays exposed whenever he’s wearing Jongin’s clothes.

It kind of levels up from just a little obsession to an endearing thing, Baekhyun must love it, or he would have mentioned it by now, either that or Jongin’s really got him distracted enough for him not to notice the little marks that are starting to appear on his shoulders, both of them.

(Jongin kisses wherever the space’s showing skin, it can be right at times and left at times).

Plus how great is it that spring is here and there’s no more need for coats?

It’s like a total set of blessings and it must be from the heavens. Alright not like he actually believes in this, but he likes thinking fate wants the whole world to see Baekhyun’s marks, and Baekhyun in his clothes, and Baekhyun’s shoulders depending on which one is exposed baring Jongin’s teeth with his skin reddening due to his mouth always, always ending up there.

Sometimes, Baekhyun will look like he notices, (like when they are sitting in a coffee shop and he’s trying to study because it’s a bit harder when he’s not in the library but Jongin doesn’t do well with too quiet places at times so Baekhyun gives in sometimes, when Jongin’s persuasive enough)

He will for example lean on one side until a breeze probably brushes by his shoulder and Jongin’s not studying, not like he should for dragging Baekhyun out, he’s watching and he catches a smile before Baekhyun quickly bites it away and hides his shoulder away from view.

Jongin definitely doesn’t imagine the blush that rises on Baekhyun’s face, he knows what it looks like, and he’d recognize it anytime, even in the dimmest room.

But whether he’s aware of it or not, whether he’s aware of Jongin staring or not, whether it’s because the breeze reminded him of what Jongin’s left there or not, he doesn’t mention it, he just clears his throat and goes back to studying like nothing happened.

Jongin’s a little too fucked for the rest of the day to even think about laying his eyes on his book, which he will do later in his room while trying not to look too dumb when his mind drifts away, right before he finishes his homework and goes out to stand in front of Baekhyun’s door, waiting.

It goes on for a little over two weeks, close to three when finally someone says it out loud, and it’s none other than Chanyeol who just blurts it out because “God damn it, you’ve got to be kidding me, don’t you own your shirts Byun?” he lets out a bit frustrated but also a bit mockingly and Baekhyun flushes so bright that even Jongin has to look away to not show that he’s this close to laughing.

When he looks up and finds Baekhyun’s eyes narrowed at him though he knows he’s probably doing a shitty job at stifling his laugh because he just lets it out then and Baekhyun doesn’t look the least pleased, Jongin’s not sure what the reason is though because he just grabs his book and buries himself in it until the end of the session.

Jongin thinks maybe Chanyeol’s remark will just pass by lightly.

Until he sees Baekhyun the next day, who’s not wearing his clothes but his own, fitting everywhere with no exposed shoulder to kiss, no skin, no marks to be see and Jongin’s world kinds of crumbles with the walls shattering and all that dramatic stuff that usually happens in tragedies, whatever happens in tragedies.

No, this is actually worse than a tragedy and he makes it sound so dramatic when he whines during their dance practice that Sehun whacks him on the head more than twice, Jongin has to make him stop at one time to remind him that “Hey, I’m the older one in this friendship.” like Sehun cares.

He sulks through the entire day and doesn’t even feel like looking up when he’s poked in the ribs and hears the chair where Baekhyun rarely takes next to him in the coffee shop at their usual spot, be pulled.

(Baekhyun sits in the opposite seat because in his own words to Jongin, “You don’t know how to keep your hands to yourself and study session is made for studying, not molesting me.”)

“Hey,” Baekhyun says and Jongin just knows it’s Baekhyun because no one else sounds so considerate when he’s mad at them, or at least trying to be mad at them for reasons that are too childish to be voiced out.

“You’re alive?” Baekhyun adds, laughing a little and Jongin feels his breath against his cheek before he turns around to nod, cheek pressed against the table and the other one puffed before flopping with Baekhyun’s finger poking it.

“You don’t look so good, where have you been?” Baekhyun asks then, leaning in close, meaning to kiss Jongin but he pulls away before that can happen and straightens.

Jongin doesn’t mean to show that he’s sulking, except maybe he does mean to show that he’s sulking and it happens, he can be unhappy about certain things, until Baekhyun looks at him a little bit hurt and confused and he feels awfully bad. But this is a good cause, he’s not going to give in no matter what.

Not even when Baekhyun follows his action and leans back in his own chair without doing anything but looking down at his lap and nibbling on his bottom lip, taking a shaky breath in that tells Jongin how much the gesture must have taken him aback.

But his eyes fall on Baekhyun’s clothes and all the anger and disappointment rushes back so fast he just sighs and looks on the other side at the window from where he can also see Baekhyun’s reflection in the glass.

“Are you mad at me?” Baekhyun says, with a little voice Jongin’s never heard him use in any kind of situation, which just quadruples his guilt.

“Alright, I guess,” Baekhyun stops and shifts in his seat for awhile, turning to look at the back of Jongin’s head and heaving a sigh, “I’ll just leave for now, I’ve got a class soon and we can talk later, that is if you want to talk—with me.” He stands up a bit too fast for Jongin to react.

So he reacts about ten seconds later when Baekhyun’s bag falls out of his hands and Jongin notices how he just blinks a little, like he does when he’s trying not to cry and he hates himself for making him this sad over something as dumb as not seeing Baekhyun in his clothes.

It takes him less than a second to get to Baekhyun and get his bag to put the things that fell out back inside then take it on his shoulders, “Let’s go together.” Jongin says, nodding and feeling a bit too ashamed to look Baekhyun in the eyes properly.

Until he peeks over his shoulders while they’re in the streets and sees Baekhyun’s face brightening with a small smile, but it’s still there, it’s a smile and Jongin thinks fuck it, walking back to tug Baekhyun in an empty alley, or what he hopes to be an empty alley, and kiss him like he hasn’t done through the whole day today.

Baekhyun sighs in his mouth like he’s been waiting for this to happen all day long and it just makes Jongin’s grip on his side tighten.

“Drop by tonight alright?” Baekhyun says a little breathless when they pull apart and Jongin nods, not really sure he can trust his voice right now.

He really, really doesn’t do it on purpose, but it’s only when he gets to his first class and sits next to Sehun who just rolls his eyes that he notices he forgot his sweater at Baekhyun’s place again, guess it’s just an habit he won’t be able to correct soon but he has to.

Because Baekhyun apparently won’t wear them anymore so there’s really no point to leaving them at his apartment anymore.

He’s past that though, he can kiss Baekhyun’s shoulders and everywhere else without having to mix it with how happy he feels when Baekhyun’s wearing his clothes that reveal what he’s done to his skin, even if—ugh no, Jongin shakes his head and leans back against the wall of the university’s building.

He pulls his phone out when he feels it buzzing and reads Baekhyun’s You’re waiting?

Yeah, you’re coming? He texts back and soon after feels another buzz, Yes, sorry, had a last minute call for a meeting tomorrow, and here, I’m here.

Jongin looks up when he hears, “Jongin-ah,” and he’s a little too dumbstruck to say anything while he watches Baekhyun walk towards him wearing the sweater Jongin had on yesterday and really looking tiny in it.

Well considering how the sweater is even big on Jongin, it’s no wonder it almost reaches Baekhyun’s thighs, but it’s how Baekhyun smiles at him with an eyebrow quirked up as if he’s asking Like it? That has Jongin’s face flaring.

He’s sure it’s as clear as water so he brings a hand up to cover half of his face and the stupid smile that stretches his face. It seems to be a good surprise to Baekhyun that Jongin can actually blush and be embarrassed to the point of wanting to hide because he stares for a little longer before snorting.

“So no more sulking?” Baekhyun asks, tilting his head on the side, mouth pursed and Jongin shakes his head, rolling his eyes because, “Yeah, no more sulking.”

“Good.” Baekhyun taps his shoulder with the back of his hand and then tugs on it, “Let’s go, I’m hungry.”

Jongin hums softly following his steps and fitting against his side, sliding an arm around Baekhyun’s middle to tug him closer till Baekhyun has to stop walking with him and almost tiptoe.

But it doesn’t get to that point because Jongin makes it easier by bending and burying his face against Baekhyun’s shoulder where he leaves small kisses that have Baekhyun sighing at first then laughing before shoving his face away.

“You’re gross.” Baekhyun complains then, even though the reddening of his cheeks and how he touches a finger to where Jongin’s mouth was shows that he doesn’t mind much.

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