doobb (doobb) wrote,


Title: fiery
Pairing: jongin/baekhyun
Genre: porn
Rating: nc-17
Summary: exceptions aren't baekhyun's cup of tea, but he really can't resist this.
Disclaimer: I just own the story, none of the boys.
a/n: in which i wrote porn and idk why i did but i did and wow do you guys know i havent written porn in like a year or less. what am i doing. omg. im gonna go hide.

It’s the way he feels his eyes on him that gets him first. That’s the main reason why Baekhyun even shifts in his seat, because it’s not just him, it’s really getting warmer, everywhere, under his skin, under the sleeves of his shirt and he tugs on them until he has them rolled up to his elbows and it’s not enough.

He has a little idea of what would make it less heated, he has a little idea of what the tilt of the head means what the little smirk that appears after also means, but all of it feels kind of surreal. There’s a pause where he doesn’t do anything because he can’t believe this is happening, then there’s a nudge and there’s Jongdae bumping his shoulder and screaming over the music, “Go for it.”

No, hell no, Baekhyun wants to answer right back at him but somehow, he’s moving before he can even voice his protest, and no one’s making him move, he’s moving on his own accord. What he expects is really a quick extinction soon as he’s facing the other, but it’s not that, it’s burning even more now that he’s so close and at an arm length.

Baekhyun still hesitates because he’s sure, he’s so convinced that if they even as touch he’s going to start burning up and he’ll end up in ashes on the ground with nothing but his heart hammering against his chest as the only warning he gets before there’s nothing to care about but this, god, and god yes it burns but does it burn good.

It’s also moist, but that’s because there’s a dampness against his neck, with a mouth open in a bite but then there are just a set of lips closing and kissing, he’s just kissing his skin and it flares up Baekhyun’s neck to his cheeks, he’s pretty sure the flush also trails down to his entire body because he lets out a whimper, it’s painful, kind of really unbearable to stand still without his legs giving up under the weight at any time now.

There can’t be more to this, Baekhyun thinks, fingers tightening in a hold of a shirt he’s got when he feels himself being pulled out of the club. He feels grateful when he feels the cold air hit him, he takes a deep breath in and lets it out when the cold slips through and nearly throws him in a coughing fit.

“It’s cold, here.” He doesn’t expect the voice nor does he expect the warmth that settles over his shoulders although he turns around to say thanks when he recognizes this as a jacket that’s not his own, but his words are sealed with a smiling mouth on his.

It starts with gentle nibbles, it’s so different from how everything was a bit out of hand and uncontrollably alluring inside of the club, it’s soft and slow, Baekhyun thinks about the mention of actually melting while being kissed and this could be defined as that. His fingers are shaking, they can’t keep still holding the jacket on his shoulders as he presses closer to the other’s body and this is much, much better.

Baekhyun tilts his head up further, his mouth parting further and closing with a low keening sound escaping the back of his throat, he hears and feels a chuckle against his tongue and as their breath meet in a mix of vodka and cigarettes he pulls back to let some fresh air back into his lungs.

Before he can get swept up into that motion again, because he’s pretty sure if they keep at it he’s going to forget to ask important things like who is this guy anyways, not like he doesn’t often kiss strangers, that’s one of the main reasons why he usually drops by the club because he wants to relieve stress. Sex, or alcohol, or just the usual chatting up and making out until he can’t feel his mouth anymore, there isn’t really anything new to it.

At least there hasn’t been anything new until tonight, this is not his usual pick up a stranger and have a one night stand then leave it at that. Because he’s flushing bright red and there’s a heat trailing down to his crotch when they haven’t done anything but have a staring fight back in the club then just kisses, mere kisses, lips against lips.

Baekhyun wets his bottom lip, it’s awful to think of that, but he can taste the difference on his tongue, “What’s your name?” there’s a pause where he looks up with hopeful eyes, he actually never asks that, and he has a reputation for sleeping with faceless strangers in these streets, so maybe that’s why he’s not really surprised when the guy’s eyes widen for a bit, amused then he just laughs a little and the thing it does to Baekhyun’s stomach down to his dick has him shutting his eyes and letting his forehead fall against the chest in front of him.

“You do names now.” Is all he gets as an answer with fingers gripping his sides, slightly lifting the edges of it, Baekhyun sucks a breath in when he feels them against his skin.

“Exceptions exist.” He replies because two can play at this, but he’s dying to know. He’s new, he must be new, but then again if he wasn’t he wouldn’t even hesitate to tell Baekhyun his name since everyone literally wants to get in Baekhyun’s pants, and probably already have and would redo it if he didn’t have this one night and over rule.

So yes, he really does want to know his name or he’s not going to be able to think of anything else, he’s sure of it.

“I’ll tell you, once I’m done with you.” This, this is when Baekhyun should have put an end to it, at least that’s what his head tells him, but when he straightens and closes his eyes instead to get back to kissing a mouth that’s sure getting him riled up and already anticipating where else it would suck a bruise on when it lowers down his jaw and down his neck.

He doesn’t really want to wait until it ends, because what if at the end of this he doesn’t want to know it anymore and the fire’s gone and it dies, what if this is a dream after all.

Baekhyun lets go of one side of he jacket and curls his finger against a defined jaw, he’s a bit afraid to let his palm fit against his cheek, but then he lets it there and traps his ears between his fingers, pulling him back just to take a look at him because if this a dream at least he’s got to remember every little details.

So instead of just doing it rough and fast in a dirty place or even at the back of the club, outside, which would definitely gain them pneumonia if they did, Baekhyun brings him to his apartment. He doesn’t know what takes over him, but he does, and fuck it, he’s just going to let this take him then he’s going to forget it, or keep the memories and they’re just going to be that, the most unique ones he’s ever made.

He tries to persuade himself that not knowing his name doesn’t bother him at all, even though he’s certain the other does know his name, and it’s not really hard to do so when he can’t think straight because soon as they step inside of his apartment his feet are off the floor and yeah alright, he does know he’s not that heavy but it shouldn’t be so easy for someone so young looking.

If it were Chanyeol he would understand, because Chanyeol has this tendency to want to make everyone look smaller so when he takes Baekhyun, it’s never really on a surface where Baekhyun has advantage over his height.

The same goes for Kris, though Kris doesn’t actually like lifting people up like Chanyeol does, but the fact is why is he even comparing them, they’ve got nothing on the person kneeling in between his legs right and making him let his fall back breath caught around a moan he lets out when he falls on the bed and covers his face with his hands.

Baekhyun can’t recall how the walk to his bedroom was possible when they practically knocked every objects in their way, but he knows he will have a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow, he still has room to think about how fast his clothes were off before there’s this warm on the head of his cock and his hips twitches up when it leaves.

The hands holding his thighs slide up to his hips pushing them back down before it’s back and this time, all of Baekhyun tries to sink in deeper into his mouth, but it’s not something he’s allowed to do with the hands keeping him down. Baekhyun’s hands slide down to pass by the ones holding him down because, he’s got to let him, he whines and pleads but with only sounds and no words, he’s reduced to whimpers till he gives up and arms stretched above his head fists the sheet.

The deeper he takes Baekhyun in the harder it is for him to keep his hips to stay still, but the firm grip just tightens, Baekhyun has the time to think about the bruises they’re going to leave there and it’s the image of how their shapes are going to look, how they’re going to burn a little and feel a little painful that has him biting on his bottom lip just as everything gets a bit too warm, a bit too heated, the warm recoiling in his lower stomach tightening until he’s coming, he tries to warn but really he can’t get any sounds out when it happens.

Baekhyun falls back against his bed, hazy thoughts caught up in his mind melting down into the aftermath of his orgasm, he stays still without daring to open his eyes, “Jongin.” He hears then and blinks his eyes open, confused at first till he sees a small smile on the face above him, “My name, it’s Jongin.”

Baekhyun purses his mouth, clearing his throat to ask, “Why are you telling me that now?” because this is not the end of it is it? There must be more to come, he kinds of blushes, eh actually really turns probably a shade of red no one’s ever seen him wear before thinking about how he’s actually waiting for more, how he actually wants more and this is so new.

He’s not used to being the one to want, he’s not used to being so sure that if he has to, he will even beg and plead until this—Baekhyun holds his breath, eyes widening, caught off guard, until this yeah and he brings his hands up, clenching at the arms braced at either side of his face.

“So you can scream it.” Jongin says, doesn’t leave him the time to protest, argue, or refute that fact because he doesn’t ease inside of Baekhyun fast enough for him to not feel like he’s on the brink of losing the edge and falling off a fucking cliff, no he does it so slowly Baekhyun feels every inch of him sliding inside till he’s full and it stings, behind his eyelids and down, up to his stomach tightening when Jongin presses him down into the mattress.

As a matter of fact Baekhyun does scream, but that’s not all he does, he also gasps with the first syllables dying in the back of his throat and the rest of the name disappearing when Jongin’s teeth graze over his nipple while still moving at this slow pace he probably is also dying to maintain, but no, he just won’t pick it up.

It’s agonizing if anything, Baekhyun doesn’t know what to do with his body, or his hands, or his brains, he doesn’t think he can even think about anything else but the way Jongin’s moving then kissing him and swallowing the sounds he lets out. As he does so he also make sure to grind against Baekhyun’s dick caught in between them, and there’s a bit of too much to feel at once.

He’s sweating too and Jongin’s tongue find one drop rolling down his cheek, licking it back up and kissing the corner of his eyes then pressing his mouth against his eyelids, this is not how it’s supposed to be. Baekhyun’s sure this isn’t the usual way a one night stand works, at least not in his rules, it’s not supposed to be a cruel joke where he can’t come and he doesn’t want to complain, but he keeps complaining anyways.

Where he doesn’t want to beg, but really Jongin’s name is an easy word that rolls off his tongue, hushed at times and meeting with Jongin’s smiling mouth at times and the word please seems to fit so well next to it when Jongin stays still at one point and not moving at all, panting against Baekhyun’s cheek, with Baekhyun’s fingers tight in his hair, tight enough to almost tear some strands out.

He does this a lot, it feels like an eternity passes on when he does too, Baekhyun’s mind goes blank with need and he tries to get him moving, with the back of his foot pressing further to where it’s wrapped around Jongin’s middle.

It’s such a slow build up to where Jongin wants them to get, he’s leading them to a high Baekhyun doesn’t want to come but still begs for and waits wantonly for, his back arched and Jongin’s laughter echoing against his skin pressed to his stomach, bent in half and he’s also following Baekhyun, teeth sunk in the skin of his stomach, tongue dipped in Baekhyun’s belly button.

Jongin climbs back up Baekhyun’s body with his mouth kissing each inches of his skin till he reaches Baekhyun’s mouth, stays lingering without kissing him, he does brush his nose against Baekhyun’s though, with a soft smile on his face. He makes to pull out of Baekhyun, but not yet Baekhyun breathes out, tightening his legs and almost desperately holding Jongin’s face in his hands, a little bit more.

Jongin’s answer is to kiss his nose, the corner of his mouth, his upper lip and steal his last breath.

There are two things Baekhyun would like to convince himself of not being content with when he wakes up, the fact that he brought someone in his apartment, breaking his rule number two, which is still an important one, then the fact that he’s the one waking up alone in his bed.

Then the third thing is how he makes to stand up to maybe get his ideas back together and finds a note stuck to the pillow next to him, not that he turned his head just to make sure of if this was a one night stand or not, and he definitely wasn’t expecting a presence so the note leaves him a bit surprised, a bit startled but also with this ticklish tightening in his chest.

He tries not to be too eager to read what it says, but he nearly tears the paper and scolds himself mentally. He wants to throw it away instead of reading it when it’s finally open and he even stands up and walks to the trashcan before hesitating and just sitting on the ground cross-legged, blanket around his waist and gives in.

I had to head to school so I left, but I put my number in your phone, I’m sure you won’t mind.
Call me.

Tags: exo, jongin/baekhyun, porn, rating: nc-17
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