doobb (doobb) wrote,

Jamais deux sans trois 2/?

Title: jamais deux sans trois 2/?
Pairing: jongin/baekhyun
Genre: romance
Rating: pg-13
Summary: jongin didn't plan on being a father so soon, nor did baekhyun plan on enrolling as a permanent babysitter, but that's life, things never go the way you want them to.
Disclaimer: I just own the story, none of the boys.
a/n: it's so long woah.

chapter one |

Chanyeol drops by the next morning, he’s holding a basket with lots of wrapped up gifts inside while Jongin opens the door for him to get inside. He already knows those are definitely not for him, not with the way Chanyeol immediately walks inside and asks, “Where is the little angel?” Jongin rolls his eyes instead of answering because her voice reaches them in the living room and there’s Chanyeol’s answer.

He almost runs to get to her room and the way he practically squeals in delight at seeing her smiling face makes Jongin wonders if everyone goes a little bit dumb around Minah. First Sehun who actually tries to change diapers only a week after Jongin had found himself responsible of her and then Chanyeol who will never spend a penny on anyone else but himself and his sister acting like he’s the godfather and buying so many gifts Jongin wonders how he isn’t broke by now.

Let’s not forget Luhan who literally cannot take his eyes off her, he says that she’s some kind of mystery of the earth because she’s so not like Jongin, she’s more adorable, more charming and totally nicer. Jongin reminded him after he made those remarks that she was just a baby, but all he got was a shrug a carefully shot glare in his direction to make him shut up.

But they were the ones who helped him make the right decision concerning the baby that had been dropped in his arms and the news that he was her father. Without the three of them around he would have given up on her, he really would have, as awful as it is to think about how she wouldn’t be in his life the way she is right now, it was his first choice and the most obvious and reasonable to him.

He’s only twenty for god sake; he didn’t want to have this kind of responsibility thrust upon him. Though it does take two to make a baby so he understands that it’s partly his fault too, but he was sure he always made sure to protect himself during sex. But guess that wasn’t enough because here he was, learning everyday how it is to be a father who doesn’t have a clue what to do or if he’s even doing the right thing.

Through all of his options though not once did he think of taking Minah back to her mother, simply because she just dropped the baby via a friend instead of coming herself. She didn’t leave a name, an address, he didn’t even know who her mother was. It took him an entire week of rushed thinking and his apartment turning into a mess because he had to take care of her, diapers, clothes, what she eats, where she would sleep and Chanyeol had to step in at one point so he wouldn’t lose it.

He also had to take a break from his work, he didn’t tell the real reason of course, talked about a bad new in his family and that he needed to be with them for some months and spent two of them locked in this apartment, the only times he actually went out was to just head down to the nearby grocery store.

“Look how she loves me.” Chanyeol’s voice makes him look up at him and Minah talking in a language both probably don’t understand much at all, Chanyeol trying to think he’s some kind of genius who can learn just about anything Minah says when she opens that little mouth of hers has to be the most ridiculous thing ever yet Jongin can’t help but find it endearing because Minah responds like there’s an actual communication going on there.

“You’re both silly.” He adds and buttons his shirt up before walking inside of the room and reaching his arms to take her from Chanyeol’s hold, “She needs to eat now, stop whatever it is you are doing.” Chanyeol hands her over not without leaving a sloppy kiss on her cheek that Jongin wipes with the back of his hand once he has her, “Gross.” He frowns at Chanyeol who just sticks his tongue out.

“You’re turning into a rather disgustingly loving father yourself.” Chanyeol says as he follows behind still holding his basket, “I brought her dolls,” he doesn’t leave the time for Jongin to retort to that fact, not that Jongin is paying any attention to Chanyeol’s words by now though, he’s reaching for the baby bottle and settling on one of the high chairs around the kitchen counter.

“And clothes too, and those things she’ll need to chew on when she starts growing her teeth,” Chanyeol pauses and gives Jongin a curious gaze tilting his head, “They’re coming out now aren’t they?”

Jongin shrugs placing his elbow on the counter and looking down at Minah’s hand holding the top of the bottle and sucking eagerly the milk out of it, “I don’t know.” He really doesn’t, when are those even supposed to come? Is this reason why she’s been eating everything she gets her hands on? Like how she was chewing on Baekhyun’s shirt yesterday like it was the best thing she’d ever eaten.

It brings a smile to his face to which Chanyeol snorts and Jongin looks up to see him shaking his head, “So, did the ad work?” Chanyeol asks then hopping on the kitchen counter and refusing to get off it even with Jongin’s disapproving look, “Got a babysitter?”

Jongin nods, “He’s moving in today.” Chanyeol’s eyebrows quirk up in surprise, “He agreed to the years contract?” Jongin shakes his head quickly and sighs, it would be way too easy if the first person who applies for the job turns out to agree with all of his conditions wouldn’t it? “He asked for a sort of trial,” he starts then goes on about exactly what happened yesterday.

When he’s done Chanyeol nods in understanding, humming softly and he does this thing where he zones out when he’s pondering on a thought that he’s trying to figure out how to put into words before leaning in, arm on the counter and pokes Minah’s cheek, “Sounds good to me, I’m taking it as you’re off your break now then.”

“He said just a month or two.” Jongin repeats, “If I go back to work right now and he doesn’t want to stay for more wouldn’t it be just weird to stop working again?”

“Then let’s just look for someone to replace him when that times come, she’ll be older too so it might be easier then.”

“She’s just going to be what, a month or two older?” Jongin frowns, it sounded like a good idea yesterday now he’s not really sure. His hope is that this guy, Baekhyun decides to stay for more than a month, even if it’s just for five months, it doesn’t have to be a year, enough for him to at least really get back into his work because he has to face this, his career is going to crumble if he doesn’t come back to stay.

“It’ll work out, it’s been fine until now.” Then Chanyeol finally gets off the kitchen counter and reaches for something in his pocket, “I have good news though,” He starts unfolding a piece of paper, “I got you an interview, unlike what you might think people are actually impatiently waiting for your news because of how you disappeared so suddenly at the peak of your career.” Somehow that makes Jongin feels better, being forgotten is the worst nightmare of anyone working in this industry.

“When?” He asks, putting Minah’s bottle away, standing up with her and holding her much the same way Baekhyun had yesterday, “Tomorrow, reason why I came to make sure you could make it and that you had someone to take care of her.” Jongin nods and moves closer to take a look at the paper Chanyeol holds up to him.

“You already told everyone that I was coming back?” He asks looking up at Chanyeol but all Chanyeol does is shrug and narrow his eyes at Jongin’s hands and how one of them is patting Minah’s back gently, “Where did you learn that?” Chanyeol asks.

Jongin realizes that right, this is new, he actually was never aware that when she’s done eating he had to do this for her to burp and that it was easier for her to digest until yesterday when he asked Baekhyun before he left why he did that and although Baekhyun looked really surprised that he was asking he still explained it to him and even promised to show him more things because after all “I’m the babysitter and I have more experience, don’t worry I’ll train you as well.” were the words he used.

“New babysitter.” Is all he replies and it seems to work for Chanyeol because he just nods with a little smile then he asks, “Has a name?” and Jongin nods, “Baekhyun, that’s what he said and he’s kind of late because he was supposed to get here ten minutes ago.”

“He’s not going to stand you up don’t worry.” Chanyeol says as if he knows this is what’s going through Jongin’s mind as soon as the words leave his mouth, and as a matter of fact yes, Jongin had this frown on his face and it softens up with Chanyeol’s words, still it worries him but he sighs and nods, because he’s probably just being stupid.

“I know I wouldn’t say no to keeping company to such a beauty,” Jongin arches an eyebrow but Chanyeol shakes his head making a disgusted face, “Not you,” he points his chin to where Minah has been calmly staying still with her chin against Jongin’s shoulder, “Her.” Jongin sticks his tongue out, “I’ll let you know that anyone would kill to have a piece of me.”

“And if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t even know you exist.”

“Are we really starting this?” Jongin frowns, Chanyeol just laughs shaking his head and reaches for Minah, taking her in his arms before Jongin can deny him the right to, “I’m sure even your daughter agrees.”

She better not, Jongin thinks and is ready to protest against that, arms crossed against his chest, but then the sound of the doorbell stops his upcoming rant, “Ah, that might be your nanny.” Chanyeol tells Minah and walks out of the kitchen with Jongin following behind, “Let’s see if he’s my type yeah?”

“There is no way you’re flirting with him, that is my first rule in this house.” Jongin quickly lets his opinion be known although he’s sure Chanyeol ignores his warning as soon as he opens the door.

It feels a bit like yesterday except it’s in a different situation now, Baekhyun is late he knew it the moment he woke up and realized he was supposed to be awake an hour ago and he didn’t even get the time to take a shower, just rushed out of his apartment because first of he had to give the keys back to the owner.

Good thing he packed yesterday before sleeping or he would be late for hours instead of just some minutes. Add to that the fact that it’s close to afternoon so the traffic outside is crazy with people going to get their lunch before their break is over and almost missing his bus so he had to run to get it before the driver drove off.

By the time he gets in front of the building he’s persuaded that this is the fates playing against this idea with everything they’ve got and he almost turns back on his heels to walk away and give up because if the world doesn’t want it why force it? But he thought of the money, of Minah’s face and how he already came all the way here so might as well go up and get back to that apartment.

He’s a bit used to the luxury of it all by now, but it still amazes him when it downs on him that he’s going to be living here too from now on and wow this is actually not something that happens to just anyone. It might be easier to let some months fly by even a year, and maybe even more than a year.

Baekhyun shakes his head, he shouldn’t be thinking that far yet, trial first then decide later if it’s wise to stay for a longer period of time, he nods decisively and knocks then waits, hand tight around the handle of the luggage he’s been pulling behind him. He’s kind of grateful for not bringing a lot when he moved out of his hometown, because if he had to carry the three bags his mother packed for him when he left, he would be dead by now.

It doesn’t take long for the door to finally be opened, he’s waiting to see Jongin so he smiles and starts a greeting, “Hey,” that kinds of stays hanging up in the air with Baekhyun staying still while facing a stranger, a stranger who has Minah in his arms though and is looking down at Baekhyun from however tall he is that it makes Baekhyun squirm on spot because he’s awfully self-conscious about his height and just who is this?

“Hi,” he’s a bit startled by the hand stretched towards him but takes it albeit hesitantly but he’s been raised as a polite son, his mother wouldn’t be proud if he didn’t show that now, “I’m Chanyeol, you must be Baekhyun.”

Baekhyun nods wetting his bottom lip and tilts his head, “Is Jongin there? I know I’m a bit late but—”

“It’s okay.” He’s interrupted this time by a voice he recognizes and Jongin appears next to that tall guy, Chanyeol he said his name was, well anyways Baekhyun smiles and waves a hand towards Jongin then gestures to his luggage behind him, to which Jongin responds by tugging on Chanyeol’s arm, “Stop staring and let the guy in will you?”

Baekhyun follows them inside, with Chanyeol turning around to strike a conversation with Jongin his eyes fall on Minah’s face and she beams at him when he makes a face, leaning in close till her nose is almost touching his, “Hey you,” Baekhyun chuckles softly then taps a finger on her upper lip, shaking his head when she makes to grab for his hand and opens her mouth to bite on his finger.

“That’s not really nice, you do know your teeth are coming right?” He reprimands her softly but she just ignores him holding his finger still and chewing on it with her gum, she must be teething or at least it should be starting soon, she’s going to be a nightmare when it really starts. “Wanna take her?” Baekhyun snaps his head up and realizes that he’s been standing behind Chanyeol, too close for one and that him and Jongin have been staring at him with too much attention.

His face warms at the attention and he nods closing the door behind him, “If you don’t mind.” He says stepping back so Chanyeol can turn around, he gets a smile and an armful of a Minah still trying to get something in her mouth, she lets out a noise close to a whining when she doesn’t get what she wants and Baekhyun just pat her back gently.

“What you need is a teether.” He tells her then kisses her cheek, “I got some.” Chanyeol answers and Baekhyun nods up at him, “Yeah? That’s a good thing, I looked for some yesterday in her room but there weren’t any.” To this his eyes move on Jongin who shifts his eyes and then shrugs, “I didn’t know when she’d be growing teeth.” He admits looking down with a small pout, Baekhyun shrugs, with how Jongin asked him yesterday why he was patting Minah’s back when he was done feeding her, he figured there were a lot of things Jongin probably didn’t know about babies.

But he tries his best, it shows with how Minah’s room is full of other important things that she needs.

“I’ll—should I show you to your room?” Jongin asks, reaching for his luggage and Baekhyun makes to stop him, Jongin beats him to it though and he ends up reluctantly pulling his hand away when it meets with the back of Jongin’s hand instead of the plastic of his handle. “Just follow me.” Baekhyun nods and walks behind Jongin, seems he’s given a little tour too.

He feels like telling Jongin that he had his own little tour yesterday while he was sleeping because he’s always had this curious trait that tends to make him look everywhere until he’s satisfied but he keeps his mouth shut as Jongin leads him further, it might not be a good thing to mention that he knows there are a total of five rooms, a living room and a kitchen and that in each rooms there’s a bathroom.

Well, at least he figures Jongin’s room must also have the same type of design; he didn’t go into that one, that would be stepping on boundaries wouldn’t it? Personal space and all, Baekhyun stops when Jongin does stop in front of a door and it’s the room right next to Minah’s he notices because Minah’s room has this little flower on top of it, Baekhyun thinks a name tag would also be needed, it’d be cute.

“There, it might be big but it’s not that huge, I’m sure you won’t lose your way if you need anything.” Jongin goes on, opening the door and letting Baekhyun in first. It looks nothing like just a visitor’s room or an employee’s room, but that of course Baekhyun knew it. He can’t help but notice that a few things have disappeared and been replaced though.

The closet was full of clothes before and it’s empty, the bed’s sheets have been replaced with new ones because this wasn’t the ones that were there yesterday. There’s also a set of pillows that weren’t there before, it smells clean too, like someone has spent a good amount of time dusting and making sure it’s proper.

Baekhyun turns to give a satisfied smile to Jongin who looks kind of nervous, “Thanks, it’s fine, nice.” He nods and Jongin visibly relaxes shrugging, “When the maid came in earlier, I told her I’d have a visitor, she’s a nice one so she offered to make a room available, I didn’t know what to do so all the merits goes to her.” Jongin explains and Baekhyun did figure he wouldn’t have done all that on his own.

“You’ll meet her,” he adds, “the maid, she comes in the morning, but she doesn’t work during weekends that’s why I said you might have to do some house chores.” Then Jongin points to Baekhyun’s shoulder and he raises an eyebrow until Jongin touches Minah’s back, “We’ll let you settle, we’ll be in the kitchen once you’re done you might want to come so we can talk about the arrangements.”

Baekhyun nods, waving a hand at Minah who just moves from his shirt to her dad’s shirt now, well isn’t that lovely how easy it is for babies to replace someone when they need it. He laughs and shakes his head, taking a better look around him, drags his luggage with him then flops down on the bed.

It’s soft and bounces a little under his weight, Baekhyun proceeds to lie down on it and really his back could use such a soft bed even though it feels like it’s sucking him, but just the right amount of fluff to make it so comfy he doesn’t want to get off it as soon as he closes his eyes, stretching his arms above his head.

Money might not be everything but it sure makes life more comfortable. Baekhyun knows though, that comfort isn’t something that can’t replace the warmth of a family, nor can it replace the pure joy of knowing you’re doing something you like and you love doing it. He did right, he always tries to convince himself that he did right by not giving in to the companies who told him that all he had to do was train then get into the easy way to be known turn into a idol.

He was scared that he might have to give up in the end and just go with what they wanted him to do, but now it’s not something he should be worried about. Well, it won’t be something he’ll have to worry about soon as he gets his ass off this bed and goes to get the deal settled. All he does is put his luggage in the closet, he’ll open it later, plus he’s sure this closet is way too big for the little he’s brought with him, he goes out to join the others, he can hear them laugh and talk until he peeks in the kitchen and Chanyeol stands up, “I’ll be leaving for now,” he stops in front of Baekhyun after waving at Jongin and kissing Minah’s cheeks, “It was nice meeting you, I hope you won’t have too much trouble settling in, if you do I’m here to help okay?”

This guy must be the weirdest person Baekhyun’s ever met, he doesn’t know him and he’s just offering help, what kind of help even? Baekhyun just nods though with a tight smile on his face and moves aside to let him pass by.

“Don’t pay attention to what he says.” Jongin tells him once Chanyeol is out, Baekhyun just nods, “I don’t and I won’t.” he agrees a grin on his face which gets Jongin laughing a little “Alright.” He then gestures to the chair next to him and Baekhyun hurries to take it.

“I don’t have a contract or anything like that since this is just a trial, but I wanted to talk about the time, instead of just one month, can it go up to three?”

Baekhyun starts mentally counting in his head, it wouldn’t be that bad would it? “With the same salary?” he asks before he can make any decision and Jongin nods, “Yeah, the pay doesn’t move, it’s the same as always through trial or with the actual real thing.” Not like he has any choice, he’s the one in need isn’t he? So far he doesn’t know Baekhyun needs it as much as he does, but that’s not something he actually needs to know anyways.

“Okay, three months won’t be that long with her anyways.” He admits, pursing his mouth and Jongin nods with his eyes moving down to Minah when she yawns, Baekhyun reaches a hand and puts the back of his two fingers against her mouth. He really has to stop this instinctive action he’s got from raising his siblings, but it’s there he can’t help it.

He turns red under Jongin’s arched eyebrow though and shrugs, “An habit.” He tells him and of course that will raise questions, “You’ve kept children before?” Baekhyun lets out a soft chuckle, “Sort of.” Not far from the truth, but not that close either. “I used to help at home with my siblings.” Is all he gives as an explanation when the silence that settles between them makes him think back on that time and Jongin’s eyes won’t move from his face as if waiting for him to go on.

But that’s enough revelation for today Baekhyun decides, “You should put her to bed.” Jongin doesn’t move for a moment then just nods and moves with Minah already asleep by the time he gets inside of her room.

“I’ve been meaning to ask, but where is her mother?” Baekhyun asks when Jongin returns to the kitchen and finds him still sitting there, it seems it’s a topic that’s a bit taboo though because Jongin’s expression immediately darkens and he gives a shrug he probably means to be nonchalant, but it’s stiff. Baekhyun goes to take back that question, but Jongin’s already answering, “I don’t know.”

“That’s a bit funny because normally it’s the other way round.” Baekhyun laughs but Jongin doesn’t seem to catch it, “You know, when you ask a girl who is the father and she says she doesn’t know.” Maybe it’s not that funny Baekhyun thinks with a grimace because Jongin’s not laughing, though he does smile, but it’s strained.

So alright; Minah’s mother is a topic he should never ever bring up, things to note while he will be working here. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to—it’s not that funny.” He apologizes softly but Jongin’s features soften, “No need to apologize,” then he wears an expression Baekhyun’s sees for the first time, it’s kind of mocking but in amused way that’s probably meant to tease more than offend when he says, “But that was an awful joke.”

It was, Baekhyun admits a bit dejected, looking down on the counter and crosses his arms on top of it.

“I have somewhere I need to be.” Jongin breaks the silence once again, making Baekhyun look up noticing that he was dressed rather formally. “I took a break from the industry and the main reason why I needed a nanny was so I could go back to working.”

“Ah,” right, he said something about being a model and an actor. “I have to supposedly announce my come back today, so I’ll be out all day, don’t expect me at night, everything you need is in the house. There’s food and I think you know where her clothes are too, also Chanyeol brought teethers and,” Jongin stops mid sentence, “I think you know how this works better than I do.”

Baekhyun definitely does so he nods with a sheepish smile, “A bit true.” Jongin scrunches his nose at the answer, sliding his hands in his pockets, “So are we okay for today?” Another nod and Baekhyun reassures him. “Make yourself at home, but my room is off limits.”

“I got it.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later then.” Baekhyun stands up as Jongin starts walking to the living room, grabbing his coat and a vest on the way, he hears the sound of keys and he just follows because he has nothing to do and it’s a bit awkward, might be a bit weird to just follow someone’s movements, but Jongin doesn’t comment on it, puts his shoes on then he’s opening the door and walking out.

“See ya.” Baekhyun says softly closing the door behind and locking it before turning and leaning his back against it.

The apartment falls into a comfortable silence, a lonely one too, he’ll use this to unpack then and maybe give a call to his family. He hasn’t heard of them since he moved out, silly how he thinks it’s actually the right time to tell them how he’s doing now. He’s sure his mom is going to yell at him, and the anticipation of finally hearing about them makes him hasten his steps to what he has to call his room from now on.

Baekhyun searches everywhere in Minah’s room, “Your dad must have at least bought a stroller right? Does he never take you out?” He looks up, leaning over the bar of the cradle with a pout, “You poor thing, you should have been born with a less famous dad.” But there’s no way Baekhyun will just stay in this apartment without doing anything, he will go crazy, it’s too empty and after having given a call to his family he really wanted to go out and maybe explore so that next time he’ll have a lot more to say.

He actually lied, a bit, but his mother wouldn’t really appreciate knowing he’s working as a nanny and on top of that living with his employer, nor would his dad appreciate the news either. His mom might be tolerant after awhile but she will give the news to his father and then things would get out of hand and he didn’t want to have to go back home when he’s this close to where he wants to get.

“Well, stroller or not, we’re going out.” He announces to a still yawning Minah who reaches with her hands when he scoops up out of her cradle, “Let’s give you a good shower, change then, I might even consider buying you a stroller.” Or maybe let Jongin knows when he gets back.

It downs on him that he should have taken his phone number, that’s like the first basic thing to do when you hire someone, ask for their number so you can keep in touch. Jongin definitely has no experience in those kinds of things does he? “Kind of a bit naïve and too young, I wonder how old he is, do you know?” obviously the baby wouldn’t know, all she does is laugh while he starts undressing her.

Instead of a stroller he found this carrier that has to be strapped in the front and she seems to be enjoying this a bit more than Baekhyun, because how uncomfortable is this, god, how do women even go through nine months of holding their belly in front of them. He can’t even see his feet when he looks down.

“We definitely need to get you a stroller, you’re big enough for it now.” It’s not to be mean but she also weights a lot, at least that’s proof that she’s being fed as good as she should be. Stepping outside seemed to put her in a better mood, ever since they went out of the building she’s been gasping and looking everywhere, keeping quiet most of the walk Baekhyun does to figure out where he would go if he needed for example to get the groceries, or maybe even just a cup of coffee.

He doesn’t regret his walk when he spots a music store and looks down at Minah’s attention turned to the road with cars passing by, this is probably her first time going out like this. “Should I introduce you to some other good things?” He lets out a soft laugh, opening the door to the music store and walking inside with a relieved smile, at least he’ll be close to something he actually enjoys doing.

Baekhyun’s more than pleased to hear the sound of Axiz playing when he walks in, if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that when you step inside of a music store, the kind of music that starts playing is also the kind of quality you’ll find in the store.

It’s no wonder he gets the attention of an employee though, with the delighted smile he has on his face and he startles a bit, embarrassed at being caught staring wide eyed at a range of cds, to his defense though this isn’t the type of music store they have back in his hometown.

“See something you like?” the employee ask and Baekhyun shakes his head, but then fears it might be taken as a no and nods quickly, “I mean, yeah, I like this type of music.”


“A bit alternative too, and I’m not much a pop fan but that’s all I’ve been seeing around this town, so it’s surprising.” He doesn’t know why he says so much, but the guy standing there takes it with a rather proud smile, “This is why our store is a special one.” He adds with a proud tone too, but Baekhyun will give him that, it’s a nice one.

“Who else do you like listening to?” Baekhyun figures might as well talk since he’s being conversed to, “Nell, 10cm.” he listens to much more, but those are the ones he can remember for now, and those are the ones he tends to listen to more than he should actually. “That’s actually pretty good, it’s rare that I hear about young people liking 10cm though.”

Baekhyun gives a casual shrug, “How old do you think I am?” he’s aware that at times he looks much younger than he is, so he asks out of curiosity, if this one tells him he’s eighteen like the last person who told him nineteen and plus only are allowed when he went to audition it won’t be funny anymore.

“I’d rather not guess.” That’s a safe move, Baekhyun laughs and stretches his hand. “I’m Baekhyun and I’m twenty-two.”

The guy looks surprised at first, but kind of pleasantly surprised, “Jongdae, do I also have to tell you my age?”

Baekhyun laughs and shakes his head, “Not really, it’s just since you asked.” Jongdae nods to that and he moves his attention to the baby carrier against Baekhyun’s chest, “Is she yours?” Baekhyun lets out a soft “No.” wonders how the guy can even tell she’s a baby girl by just looking at her, but guess some people have an eye for things like that.

“I’m her nanny, sort of.” It sounds weird to say that he’s her nanny because usually nannies are those middle aged women who look severe but have a huge kind heart, and it shows on the expressions they have around the babies they keep. But that’s what movies portray anyways, Baekhyun doesn’t think nannies like that exist much in the real world.

“She’s adorable, what’s her name?” By then Baekhyun wonders if this guy even works, like should he be standing there conversing with a customer instead of sorting through the cds like he was doing before he spotted Baekhyun.

“Minah.” Call him silly but knowing someone else is as taken in by Minah makes him kind of proud too, he thinks of Jongin and wonders why he’s hiding her, well he has his reasons, but really she’s way too endearing for any of his fans or even the worst media ever to bring him down because of her right?

Because he supposes that the reason why Jongin doesn’t want this known is because of his job, Baekhyun might not know much about how this industry works, but he’s heard of if before, models, idols, actors losing their job because of small scandals, it’s crazy how much pressure to keep their images they have to go through, he would crumble under all of that.

“Who’s baby is she then?” Jongdae asks and Baekhyun’s eyes goes just a little wide before he opens his mouth to close it again, “I can’t tell you that, I’m sorry.” That must make him so suspicious now though, but if Jongin is as famous as he claims to be then it might not be a good idea to go everywhere telling strangers that might have seen him on tv that he has a baby.

“Oh, okay, that’s good, was just asking to ask.” Jongdae shrugs and he’s laughing a bit though, as if he’s mocking Baekhyun’s reaction, “No need to get all offended, you’d think you’ve stolen her or she’s some sort of national secret.”

Not quite far away from the truth, “I promise I haven’t stolen her.” Baekhyun laughs scratching the back of his head. He should go back to the apartment now, he doesn’t have the keys so he had to tell the receptionist that he was heading out and no one was in the house when he went out, apparently he was just allowed two hours out if he doesn’t have the keys.

“I have to go now,” but he’s glad he came out, Jongdae seems like someone amusing to have around, and if Baekhyun will drop by more often than needed, making friends would be a good start. “I’ll see you around then.”

Baekhyun nods, “I’ll definitely come back.” Jongdae waves him goodbye and while walking to the door Baekhyun notices he’s the only employee in the store, might be why he can stop and chat with customers, does this mean this store belongs to him? He’ll probably ask on his next visit.

Eight p.m, the kitchen isn’t in the mess Baekhyun thought it’d end up because apparently Minah can play hard to please too when she wants to. She kept crying the whole time he was trying to make something for him and for her too, so he had to balance trying to calm her down and not burn what he was cooking along with a kitchen that doesn’t even belong to him.

He tried everything, but she refused her pacifier, refused her teether just kept bawling again and again until he would take out of her cradle, which wasn’t really efficient when he needed to cook at the same time. So he ended up just putting the carrier on his back and rocking back and forth while getting everything done.

She’s quiet now, seems eating puts her at ease, well eating and the tv screen that he turned on after they were done in the kitchen and god bless the fact that nothing was broken by the time he was done.

“I forgot this side of things.” Baekhyun mumbles to himself, leaning against the back of the couch with Minah on his stomach, a hand on her tummy rubbing softly while his eyes stay glued to what’s passing on the screen too. “We should make a deal that you throw tantrums like these only when I’m not trying to burn your dad’s house.”

Minah giggles, she just let this soft sound out and god, how is it even possible to stay mad at her when she makes the cutest noises ever? That isn’t even supposed to be an excuse but it is, so instead of continuing to scold her Baekhyun pokes a finger on her tummy, to which she doesn’t even react. Does she love tv that much?

Even though it’s granted all babies actually have a thing for tv, but she’s literally glued to what’s on screen. “Maybe it runs in the family.” He chuckles, paying more attention to it too so he can stop bothering her with whatever she understands coming from the screen, at least this will keep her busy and maybe even make her fall asleep at one point.

Baekhyun searches for the tv remote when a rather intimate scene begins, laughing as he puts a hand on her eyes and she starts protesting without sobs trying to pry his fingers off, “It’s for your own security.” He tells her and then switches to a different channel. It startles him at first, maybe because it kind of confirms what Jongin’s been telling him since yesterday, but seeing him on tv and knowing he appears on tv are two different things.

He forgets that he has a hand on Minah’s eyes still until she lets out an indignant yelp and he takes it off, “Sorry, look who’s here.” Baekhyun points the remote on the screen tilting his head, “Someone you know hm?” He puts his chin on top of her head, blinking at the tv screen. Looks like a press conference, maybe this is the announcement he was talking about when he left.

He’s wearing the same clothes but somehow it seems different, he looks a bit less young and more mature when he’s out there, behind the screen. He’s often heard of stage persona, but seeing it is a lot more interesting, the way he talks is different too, the way he sits and looks at people around him, he usually looks kind of lost around Baekhyun, careful and quiet too.

But definitely not this confident and sure of what he’s going to say, he’s more self-conscious, more reachable too.

“He’s kind playing it cool, isn’t he?”

Again, Baekhyun’s left wondering how old he might be. He could bet Jongin would end up being younger though.

It wasn’t bad, but god was it awful.

It probably doesn’t make much sense, but he hasn’t missed it much that’s all he can say by the time he gets inside his apartment, phone against his ear. Somehow, huddled in there, hidden from view and everything that involves the media he’s been safe, he’s been used to this and now going back out there, it hit him so hard that this world is a superficial place where he tends to lose himself more than anything else.

But he truly does love modeling and acting too, at the beginning they thought it was because his parents were also in the industry and the tabloids didn’t even hesitate to almost make him give up with rumors about his dad paying for him to get his first role, but he cut all ties with his family background to have this, this is his dream.

No, this was his dream. He doesn’t know what it is right now, but it certainly isn’t a dream. It’s draining, it’s exhausting, it’s numbing and it’s most probably a nightmare more than a dream. He doesn’t know how he lost the purpose of what he was doing on his way to the top, but he did.

“I’ll call you later and yeah, sure, we can catch up tomorrow.” Sehun’s voice is just a soft, “Alright, night, say hi to Minah for me.” Then he hangs up and Jongin sighs, a small at the corner of his mouth. He checks for the time on his phone before closing it, reading two a.m makes it clear that she must be asleep right now.

The lights being off makes him guess that Baekhyun is also asleep too, though he makes sure of that by going in the living room, then turning the lights on one by one as he walks to the kitchen. Surprisingly he finds something there for him, Jongin reaches for the note, tapped against a tablecloth covering what he supposes is a meal.

Don’t know if you said you would have dinner before coming, but I made enough for three and more so figured I’d leave it here for you, if you don’t want to eat it when you get here just put it in the fridge, it’ll be comestible until you want to. But Minah finished her plate and even asked for more, so I’m thinking it must be good, try it if you’re hungry, ‘kay?

p.s: we saw you on tv tonight, so you weren’t lying after all, I hope everything went well.
p.s: Minah needs a stroller, I know you can’t take her out, but it’ll do her some good if I take care of her, so I might need some money, I would have bought it with my own money but, I didn’t have enough.

It draws a smile on Jongin’s face, he’s sure it’s the conference that aired, but it wasn’t live, it aired about three hours after he was done making it. The time after and before the airing period, he spent it in a party apparently organized in his honor, though he was sure it was just a mean to pull more confessions out of him.

He has a reputation for always keeping quiet about his private life though, which makes the media respect him, but also more curious at the same time. He’s not that hungry and eating at this hour can’t be a good idea, but still, he sits and pulls the cloth off, it’s not much, rice, side dishes and eggs. He wonders how Baekhyun even managed to get anything out of the empty fridge, but looks like he’s hired someone capable of doing anything with nothing.

Grabbing his chopsticks, Jongin starts with the side dishes first, it reminds him of when he was still living with his family back then, he’d come back with the table set and everyone getting ready to eat and chat. It seems like people thinks that wealthy families aren’t normal, but Jongin had a rather normal childhood, with a normal loving family.

He chews carefully on the eggs, it’s warm and for once coming back to a not so empty apartment, smelling of a different presence and with a touch of someone else in the rooms makes it feel less lonely.

Would it be a bad thing to want to get used to this?

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