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jamais deux sans trois 3/?

Title: jamais deux sans trois 3/?
Pairing: jongin/baekhyun
Genre: romance
Rating: pg-13
Summary: jongin didn't plan on being a father so soon, nor did baekhyun plan on enrolling as a permanent babysitter, but that's life, things never go the way you want them to.
Disclaimer: I just own the story, none of the boys.
a/n: adhsjhds. /hides/

chapter onechapter two |

It’s crazy how a week goes by so fast, Baekhyun barely registers it until Jongdae mention in one of their conversations that “You should let me invite you to a party this Saturday, I’ve had a week to get to know you and I think you’ll like it.” It sounds like Jongdae has accepted him in what he calls his circle of friends. Baekhyun is curious to see who else is included in there, probably other people who don’t really appreciate music for its constant same rhythm but they better not have the same level of sarcasm that Jongdae holds.

The things you can learn about a person in a week is an awful lot, but Jongdae’s nice, at least when he’s not trying to tear down every single band that is mentioned on the radio that he plays before groaning annoyed and changing the channel to what he calls the best one ever made, because there’s never any pop music played on there.

Baekhyun thought he was a bit difficult with his music taste, but really after meeting Jongdae he thinks he’s not that bad and Kyungsoo should definitely see this for himself.

He nibbles on his bottom lip soon as Kyungsoo crosses his mind, a small smile tugging the corner of his lips up, he promised to write a letter for each events and make sure to tell him how he’s doing, but he’s been so caught up in trying to not die of frustration over rejected audition and over lack of money that he completely forgot about that.

He adds it to his things to do, he nods to himself, holds Minah up after rinsing her and he didn’t remember his siblings loving water so much and barely crying when they get their head washed, but “I think you’re a little too perfect.” Baekhyun beams at her, because she hasn’t let a whining sound out like usual, and the only thing she babbled while being in her bath was followed by her laughing.

She must love water he doesn’t see another reason for her keeping so quiet during baths, he even tested it before making sure of his assumption and she definitely chose water over juice when he fed her this afternoon. He needs to tell Jongin that his daughter is probably going to be some organic freak, or maybe she’ll just love to work out, or maybe both, both would be good.

Baekhyun shakes his head, not that water and sports have anything to do with each others, but it seems to fit, “It fits,” he scrunches his nose wrapping her in towels, gently holding her against his right shoulder and standing up to walk out of the bathroom.

He hasn’t seen much of Jongin, but he’s seen more than he wants from Chanyeol.

He doesn’t hate the guy, or maybe he does just a little bit, but he wouldn’t name this emotion hate just something close to it.

Chanyeol’s a tad bit too obnoxious at times and he actually is hitting on him, he’s not imagining it, he knows this. It’s not the whole a guy is hitting on me thing that bothers him, it’s the whole a guy who isn’t really my type is hitting on me and it’s kind of annoying thing that bothers him.

Plus he’s really not in the mindset of getting involved romantically with anyone at the moment, this is the best he can do, falling in love with Minah and music is a hundred times better and less prone to problematic situations. As for the sexual side of his life, he’s kept it clean, he’s done more than kissing, but never too far, not because he didn’t want to but just because he couldn’t do it.

Realizing that girls probably weren’t what he was into back then had been like getting under a cold shower, raw on his skin, bitter on his tongue, cold under his skin and soaking through his bones. But it wasn’t as terrifying as his mother trying to pick up on the reason why her son wasn’t interested in going to usual parties a year after his first incident, or why he never seemed interested in any of the girls she brought home.

That’s the thing with small hometown. They work in community, they don’t understand what is different, they go with traditions, and if the traditions is that by twenty a boy has to at least get engaged to a girl one of his families find suitable, then you have to go through it.

Baekhyun couldn’t, not even because he just isn’t straight but also because he had bigger dreams, eh wanted to do something more than realize a day after waking up that he never tried, never risked it and found himself with dreams turning into bitter regrets.

He didn’t want that, he still doesn’t want that, so it might have mattered that his mom didn’t agree and his father almost forced him to stay, but what mattered right now is that he managed to leave without first of ruining his family’s name and second, dishonoring them even further by staying there without ever being seen with the possible future daughter-in-law.

The thought makes him cringe even now, he has nothing against girls, but god he’d rather not experience that again. It was a mix of shame and sudden horror, and yes, it wasn’t that bad, but knowing it didn’t feel right when he had been taught that this was how it was always supposed to be was probably the most awful part of it all.

Minah’s voice somehow cuts in his thoughts as if pulling him back from it, maybe she noticed the frown on his face that he doesn’t realize he’s wearing till it slips off and his features relaxes in a smile, his whole body also melts and he focuses his attention and everything else on Minah, “Sorry, I shouldn’t take my eyes off you ever, you’re right.” He laughs softly, putting her down on the changing table, leaning in as he does so and drops a kiss on the tip of her nose, it’s so tiny Baekhyun’s mouth covers it whole.

He can’t really imagine how she’ll be when she grows up, this is the downside of things, she probably won’t remember him, since he won’t be here when she grows up. “I’ll miss you when I leave, even if it’s too early to be thinking of that.”

“That’s true.”

Baekhyun startles and he’s actually glad he’s not holding Minah because he would have probably dropped her, he doesn’t do well with surprises, then he looks to the doorway where he can see Jongin standing still, arms crossed over his chest and head tilted on the side, nose scrunching when he catches sight of his daughter.

“You scared me,” Baekhyun says managing a small smile when Jongin gives him one after his remark.

“Didn’t mean to.” He steps inside and yes, alright Baekhyun will admit that aside from the notes he leaves behind when he knows Jongin is going to be coming back home without eating anything, he didn’t have any actual type of direct communication with him.

Still, he shouldn’t feel so stiff but he does feel stiff, he doesn’t know why though, maybe because he was thinking about how he ran away from his hometown and he kinds of feel a bit guilty and self-conscious, what if he was talking out loud to Minah? Then he shakes his head, that’s stupid, he would know if he talked out loud “Have you been standing there for awhile?” he asks, returning to his tasks and starts looking for diapers and what he’ll need to dress her.

Jongin stops when he gets close to Minah and Baekhyun and leans against the changing table, bringing a hand up, Minah’s fingers latching onto his index soon as she sees them wriggling in front of her eyes, “No, why? Were you spilling all your secrets to her?” He’s so close to the truth that Baekhyun’s hand that were closing the diaper slip and knock over the powder.

Jongin catches it before it falls though, Baekhyun mumbles thanks, cheeks warming up as he decides concentrating on everything but Jongin would be a good idea right now because he must look as dumb as he feels.

“I wasn’t.” Jongin starts but Baekhyun refuses to look up at him even with the tint of nervousness he hears in his tone, “I wasn’t eavesdropping, I didn’t hear anything compromising or too intimate I promise.” Baekhyun glances up once he’s done putting Minah in her onesies.

“Okay.” Baekhyun nods with a small smile, relaxing because the writings on the front of the onesies make him laugh when he reads it.

“Did you buy this?” He asks, looking up from closing it at Jongin who shakes his head before arching both eyebrows up until Baekhyun holds Minah up and turns her around so she can face him, “This.” He says and he’s still smiling so wide his cheeks are hurting a little bit.

Jongin leans in close to read what’s written on the onesies in big pink later I'm not allowed to date. EVER. and when he does he finally joins in with Baekhyun but he sounds surprised, he shakes his head even more, “No I didn’t. That’s probably a gift from either Luhan or Chanyeol,”

“But I totally saw you as the protective kind of father.” Baekhyun says holding Minah still, sliding a hand under her bottom and kissing her cheek, “But I’d be protective too if I had such a pretty girl to be responsible of.”

“Do you think,” Jongin asks, his hands finding their way in his pockets and he sighs shrugging, “that I look like a father to her?”

Baekhyun thinks that’s a stupid question, but then he remembers that Jongin is young, at least from what his age says on the information he totally read just out of curiosity on the net, he’s just twenty years old, that’s awfully young to turn into a father. He probably has his insecure moments, which reminds him of the first time he came and how he’d thought Jongin would be an awful employer and the kind of parent he’d want to kick.

But that was just a bad first impression, happens. Maybe because he takes too long to answer, Jongin starts laughing nervously, a bit awkwardly as he squirms on place, “Nevermind, that was—you don’t need to actually answer that.”

“But I want to,” Baekhyun says earnestly, “because I think you do look like a father to her and I think you’re doing a great job, even if we haven’t seen much of you lately, but you do come back home which I’m sure you wouldn’t even think about doing if you didn’t know Minah would be there, either sleeping or still awake and waiting for you right? So yeah,” Baekhyun nods, feeling like he said a bit too much and that makes him pink up a little, nibbling on his bottom lip, “I think you look like her father and a good one.”

His eyes soften then, he’s said only what he thinks is true though, so he’s glad, even if he feels a bit embarrassed but Jongin beams at him with a smile he’s never seen on his face ever. He’s seen a lot of him on tv though, and made fun of him with Minah, he likes to pretend that when she’s laughing it’s because she’s laughing at his jokes about Jongin more than because she’s in her own world.

“I’ve been busy.” Jongin frowns pensive then looks back up, “But know what? I’ll take two days off, I don’t think we’ve actually had the time to talk you and me.”

“We need to talk?” Baekhyun asks, literally taken aback, because it’s nice knowing your employer and all, but it’s not really a necessity, he’s already so attached to Minah if he has to get to know Jongin on top of that, how is he ever going to gather the courage to leave this place? He already has a hard time imagining leaving and having to cook for one and not being able to actually stand silence once he’s done with this job.

“Yeah, three months might sound short, but it’s pretty long, it could make it easier for you too, I should be a good host and ask you a lot of questions, for example, do you like the apartment? Are you comfortable?” Jongin looks around with his arm in the air, gesturing to their surroundings, which makes him look ridiculous. And ridiculous looking Jongin makes Baekhyun laugh a bit, “I’m comfortable.”

He’s even too comfortable but he doesn’t point that out, “And I’ll be more comfortable if we get to feeding this little girl before she starts bawling,” he hasn’t finished his sentence that he hears a low grumble, certain that it’s not coming from his stomach because Jongin looks down looking embarrassing, “Also so you don’t starve.” He adds laughing and tilt his head to the door, “Come on, at least you’ll be distracting her while I make something real quick this itme.”

“Does she fuss around when you’re in the kitchen?” Jongin asks, following closely behind and Baekhyun nods, “She does worse than that, she literally refuses to let me make anything until I put her on my back.”

“You put her on your back?” Jongin’s voice comes out so loud and surprised Baekhyun has to stop and turn around, “Yeah.”

“How?” He asks, truly bemuses by the mere idea, like he can’t imagine it.

“With the carrier, you know the straps, they aren’t supposed to go in the back but I managed to work it out, I’ll show you.” He turns to go back to the kitchen, and then stops, “That is,” he turns back, “If you want to see.”

“Yeah, definitely.”

Baekhyun can’t tell if he’s serious or not, but he shrugs, he must be since he does look like Baekhyun is probably crazy and that obviously cannot work out. “Here,” he hands Minah to Jongin, “You can sit in front of the tv with her, she usually stays quiet that way.”

“I know, it’s probably due to the fact that the only thing we did during the two months I’ve had her was sit in front of the tv, eat and sleep.” Jongin shrugs, though now Baekhyun understands a bit more her obsession and attentive attitude when faced with the tv screen.

“Though the sleeping part depended on if she wanted to or not.” He adds and seems to be remembering those times.

“Tried putting some classic music, jazz or rock when you put her to bed?” Baekhyun suggests, reaching for the cupboards, then remembers that somehow this kitchen is made for people Jongin’s height and taller and goes to fetch the usual stool he’s been using for a week now to be able to reach for what he needs.

“No, does that work?”

“I’ve been making her sleep to some Beethoven lately, not that he’s my favorite, but I’ve heard it helps babies sleep, that or the loudest music ever which usually known as rock most of the times, but I didn’t want to wake the whole building.” He’s stretching to get the last bottle when he hears Jongin ask, “Do you need help?”

“You’re helping plenty by just keeping Minah.” Baekhyun shakes his head.

Jongin insists though, “No really, this doesn’t look as safe as it probably feels for you.”

Baekhyun stops to look down and that’s when he realizes that yeah, it probably isn’t, because the stool is thin and looks kind of fragile, but not like he has a choice, “I’ll let you know that it’s your cupboards that are really way too high for someone like me.”

“Which is why you should let me help you.” Jongin insists again and he’s standing up now, Baekhyun hears his footsteps coming closer and really, he can do this he tries to tell him but looks like being stubborn is a trait that Jongin has because he just holds Minah up to him and starts pushing the tool aside, “I’m your boss, listen to me.”

Baekhyun huffs, clearly disappointed that he can’t even put his input in this situation right there but he stands still on the side, on the stool just because it’s still a bitter wound to his pride how Jongin just has to reach, barely stretch to get what he’d been trying to get. The worst is he isn’t that short compared to Jongin at all, or maybe it’s just due to the new perspective that the tool he’s standing on gives him when Jongin turns around triumphantly holding the can.

“There, it wasn’t that hard was it?” He’s looking smug too; of course he has reasons to be looking pleased with himself.

“Could have done it.” Baekhyun spats, still bitter, but he gives Minah back to him and starts getting off he tool.

“Sure, but this is faster, besides,” he waits for what Jongin’s about to say, but when it takes him too long, starts tucking the stool back in its corner.

“At this rate I was going to have a whole view of what your back looks like without a shirt on.”

Baekhyun’s not blushing, no he’s not, it’s called being embarrassed by a situation, except maybe he’s blushing just a little bit and it might be because of what Jongin just said, he also unconsciously brings a hand behind to touch his back, “I—you could have just said so.” He mumbles, ducking his head low and refuses to look behind him when all he hears is Jongin laughing and as if to join in with her father as a revenge for all the times Baekhyun’s made fun of him in front of her, Minah joins in too.

“I would have if I knew you’d react this way.” He’s still laughing through his words.

“Like what?” Baekhyun asks back, he’s not pleased with a single thing, he’s not pleased with the warmth that spreads in his back and trails up against his neck and how he’s sure and certain of what Jongin’s going to say until he says it.

“You’re blushing.”

Baekhyun protests immediately, “I’m not.”

“You are,” Jongin won’t let it go.

So he’s the stubborn type Baekhyun remembers and takes a deep breath in, he decides to turn around holding the counter behind him and tilts his head, his tongue darting out when he tries to find an answer and he just ends up laughing a bit and giving in with a sigh, “Alright, maybe I’m blushing, but that’s just a normal reaction because I’m embarrassed.”

“You do that a lot though.” Jongin simply says back, chin on top of his daughter’s head without much pressure, Baekhyun just quirk a questioning eyebrow to that statement, “Blushing.”

The fact that Jongin noticed doesn’t help how he’s trying hard not to feel too self-conscious and yes, turning even redder, he should probably live through it now though, since he’s apparently not that good at showing that he easily turns pink or red under certain circumstances.

“Maybe.” Baekhyun says through his teeth.

“It’s cute.”

Alright, that’s enough Baekhyun sighs and turns around, “You know what, maybe it’ll be a good idea to take your daughter and walk out of the kitchen, I’ve got food to make and I’m quite hungry.”

“Do I embarrass you?” Jongin’s clearly mocking him now, it shows on every lines of his face, his smile and his eyes and how he seems so amused by how Baekhyun is literally chasing him out of the kitchen, he can’t help but laugh too, though it’s not funny, not at all, he’s being made fun of how can this be funny?

“Fine, since we’re being chased, we’re leaving, we’re not wanted or needed, let’s go baby.” Jongin walks out before Baekhyun starts pushing him out, cheeks pressed against Minah’s, but really it’s the smile that’s still on his face that tells Baekhyun that he’s just joking around.

It also takes him up ten seconds, maybe more, to process through what just happened and he’s still laughing a little bit even when he discards it to focus on what he has to do.

Jongin hasn’t complained once about what he ate when he came home to find it wrapped and waiting on the kitchen counter for him, but still this is a first, actually sitting and eating with him instead of just Minah while browsing through his phone when he’s done feeding her and putting her in her cradle while he also feeds himself.

He’s also aware that staring at someone when they start to eat something you’ve made so intently is a bit creepy, borderline ridiculous and embarrassing but he can’t help it, he has to watch Jongin’s expression, until Jongin has two spoonful and is catching him staring, “It’s good.” Jongin acknowledges and Baekhyun is not going to question how he knows what Baekhyun’s waiting for.

Baekhyun nods then and goes back to getting Minah to eat her own food.

“Did you used to also cook for them, your family and siblings?”

Baekhyun looks up a bit taken aback by the question, he doesn’t even remember talking about his family to Jongin, then he remembers that yeah, in the spur of a moment he did a week ago from this moment and he nods. “Hm, yeah, a bit.” Not true, Baekhyun’s mind tells him but he ignores it.

“Where are they now?”

Baekhyun gives a little shrug, “Hometown, I left awhile ago to move here.” He explains as to not give the impression that he might have lost his family, since that’s what Jongdae asked when he asked about Baekhyun’s family and noticed his expression closing immediately.


That’s not really something he wants to talk about and he doesn’t know why he can’t just stay that but instead looks down in Minah’s plate, puffing a cheek before a bitter smile quickly crosses his features then he’s gathering his expression back together before looking up at Jongin, “Dreams.”

“What kind of dreams?”

Baekhyun has to laugh a little, “You ask a lot of questions.”

It’s Jongin’s turn to redden a little, though Baekhyun catches it he doesn’t dwell on it, lowering his eyes on the plate and giving Minah another spoonful of it, “It’s silly, you’ll probably laugh if I tell you.” He shakes his head dismissively but Jongin protests, “I’m twenty, I have baby and I don’t know who the mother is, trust me, I can’t laugh at people dreams at all.”

Put down this way—wait it doesn’t actually make sense, Baekhyun frowns laughing again, still shaking his head.

“I’m not that kind of person.” Jongin adds; he sounds a bit offended, or is he just playing offended to make Baekhyun feel guilty?

Whatever it is, it works because Baekhyun sighs, “Fine, I want to be a singer.”

“That’s not silly.” Jongin’s voice sounds serious, like if he uses this tone then Baekhyun will believe what he says, “You moved out of your comfort zone for it, so you shouldn’t label it so lowly.”

Baekhyun nods, true, “You know for someone so young you have a lot of wise words sometimes.”

“You don’t actually know me though, so don’t go assuming that just because I’m young I haven’t been through a lot.”

“I wasn’t assuming anything, it’s just rare.” Baekhyun shrugs, glad for the change of topics because his dreams and his family are two things he doesn’t open easily with.

“You’re talking like you’re in your forties and more, which I doubt, but just how old are you?”

“Older than you.” Is all Baekhyun answers with, it doesn’t please Jongin who doesn’t find it as funny as Baekhyun does, “Twenty-two.” He finally adds after a silence settles in for a little while, with him just feeding Minah and Jongin eating silently.

Jongin acknowledges his answer with a nod of his head, he finishes eating almost at the same time as Minah does, just two more spoons and she’s also done, there’s just Baekhyun left now and as he makes to take Minah out of her chair and make her burp Jongin beats him to it, “You should eat, I’ll take care of that.”

He picks up Minah and even takes his plate and Minah’s too.

“I can do that.” Baekhyun protests but Jongin shakes his head, “It’s fine.”

“I’m paid to do this though, it’s my job.” He complains, but doesn’t have a choice but to look at Jongin put everything in the sink, so he straightens on the carpet, pulling his legs from under him and crossing them under the low table.

“It won’t be taken out of your salary, plus you’ve been handling it just fine for a week, a little help won’t kill you.”

“You must be the only employer who offers to help without any ulterior motives.” Baekhyun tells him when he comes back, rocking Minah in his arms and patting her back gently.

“That’s not entirely true.”

Baekhyun tilts his head but he can’t ask why because his mouth is full of rice so Jongin answers without waiting for the question, “I’m hoping that if you see how nice this all can be you might decide to stay for more than three months.”

Baekhyun swallows his food then, a grin on his face, “Trying to bribe me?”

“Is it working?”

“Hm,” He wears a pensive expression before shrugging, “Not sure.”

“If I promise to just watch your backside instead of helping you with higher objects will it work in my favor?”

Baekhyun chokes and almost spill his water, he’s thankful it’s just water in his mouth right now though he could have choked on actual rice and died right now, though the way his face flares up can also be a reason to wish for death too, or maybe not that far.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

“How is this a yes?” He exclaims, eyes widening.

“Just assuming.” Jongin shrugs, looking way too amused by all of this.

This is not funny, “Well don’t, it could be considered as sexual harassment.”

“If you have to go that far, I’d have to at least touch.”

Baekhyun stops eating, staring down into his plate and bites on his bottom lip, “I think I liked you better when you were missing from the apartment.” He mumbles under his breath, but he’s sure Jongin hears that because he laughs and it might be contagious because even though he’s so embarrassed that he wants to dig a hole and disappears through it, he still lets out a few chuckle before being able to continue eating.

“I think it’s time I stop doing that.”

Baekhyun scoffs looking on the side, “If that’s so then can I take a day off?” He asks promptly, looking defiantly at Jongin who shrugs, “Why not? When?”

“Really?” It’s just been a week and surely Jongin must have a lot to catch up to with his work since he’s been on a long hiatus, but he genuinely seems to think it’s okay for Baekhyun to take a day off.

“Yeah, why not, I could call Chanyeol or Sehun, or Luhan to help, so you can take a day off.”

The thing is Baekhyun wasn’t actually serious though, what is he gonna do with a day off? He lives in this apartment. Well he could go see Jongdae and spend the whole day there and—that doesn’t sound so bad, he could even go to Jongdae’s party too and it could be fun.

“’Kay then, how about tomorrow?”

Jongin nods at the same time as Minah finally burps and he smiles giving her one last pat, “Got some plans?”

“Not really but,” Baekhyun shrugs, “maybe, yeah.”

“Then take the day off tomorrow.” Jongin mumbles, nose buried against Minah’s neck, he makes his way back into the living room and settles on the couch so Baekhyun has to look up at them, nodding and nibbling on his chopsticks, “Thanks.”

“I should be the one saying that.” Jongin laughs and it’s low, muffled by Minah’s shoulder, “so don’t mention it.”

No, not really Baekhyun thinks going back to his meal, Jongin is doing a lot. He’s offering him what he actually needs, time to think and clear his mind, money and a place to stay, he’ll have to let him know one day, maybe before moving out that he kind of saved Baekhyun from doing something stupid.

But for now he’ll keep this his little secret, it still feels a little too private to share it with someone else.

He’s not used to being helped and letting others aware of how exactly they’re helping him, he’s usually the one people lean on and depend on, so when he has to depend on others, it brings this vulnerable side in him and that is something he’s not sure he will ever get used to.

After being so strong for too long, it’s hard to show that he can also be weak. The ironic part of this is maybe that most of the times the strength he has is just a façade he’s learnt to keep well placed.

Jongin says he’s going to put Minah to bed, so Baekhyun lets him, he can’t help but think that this should be his job, after being used to doing it for a week, but Jongin insists and it’s taken Baekhyun just a day to know that when Jongin insists it’s best to let him do as he wants. He goes to hide in his bedroom instead, takes the chance to send a text to Jongdae, i’ll be free tomorrow, so at what time is this party?

He checks the time and it reads eleven p.m, he hesitates before looking for Kyungsoo’s number, it might be a bit too late to give him a call now, but he really has this urge to have some news so even if he has to leave a message instead of directly talking to him he will do so. He dials the number without giving it another thought in case he might change his mind and bites on the nail of his thumb while it rings.

Baekhyun feels a bit bad the moment he hears Kyungsoo’s sleepy voice at the other end saying “’ello?” but he discards the thought and grins openly, “Sleeping already?”

His voice seems to be the only thing that Kyungsoo needs to jolt awake, “Byun Baekhyun!” He exclaims loudly, a bit too loudly because Baekhyun has to pull the phone away from his ear then laugh.

“Hey,” he says softly, falling on his bed, with his body still getting used to how soft it feels when he does this.

Where have you been? I thought you died. It’s been months and the only thing you think of telling me when you finally decided to call is hey? That’s not how it works, I’m your best friend.

“Calm down, will you.” Baekhyun tells him but he’s laughing, god Kyungsoo’s voice the only thing he misses from his hometown and Kyungsoo period. They’ve been together since their childhood after all, there’s nothing that beast a childhood friendship that goes on even after they both find out secrets about each others that they thought the others might reject them for if they ever learned it.

You’re alive though, right?

“Of course, or I wouldn’t be talking to oyu.”

Kyungsoo laughs and Baekhyun can totally imagine him rolling his eyes right now.

Very funny Byun, but hey, news, spill.

To which Baekhyun inhales and finally spills everything, he doesn’t lie to Kyungsoo because he knows at least there with him listening he can be a hundred percent honest and it won’t ruin his image, because Kyungsoo knows him best, he knows Baekhyun isn’t the strongest one out of them, he also knows Baekhyun doesn’t like being depended on too much because he tends to stress and run away from his responsibilities.

He also knows that Baekhyun’s personality at home is one that is utterly different from the one has outside of his family surroundings, and more importantly he knows Baekhyun’s most important secrets and he’s seen Baekhyun as vulnerable as he has ever let himself be.

He talks about everything he misses and he also talks about the tiny apartment he was in and the sweet owner and how he found this job and he’s now apparently a babysitter, to which Kyungsoo laugh of course because “Really? You left to be a babysitter for some rich guy, only you Baekhyun.” He says and Baekhyun doesn’t even have the strength to argue.

“I miss you.” He admits in a breath.

I miss you too, but you should focus on you a bit more, it’s great to see you’ve managed to meet some rich young model though, look at he good side of it, you can stare at him for free even better you can fall in love and live like a happy family with the little adorable girl.” Turns out even Kyungsoo knows who Jongin is, apparently, so Baekhyun had to make him swear to not tell this to anyone else because Minah is a secret.

“Hell no, I don’t even think he’s into guys and even if, I won’t.” He flushes just at the thought, remembering everything that happened today and shakes his head, that’s just an awful idea to think about, “I’m not looking for a relationship anyways, I just really want a damn company that won’t ask me to get into an idol group.”

It’ll come.

Yeah, it will of course, Baekhyun sighs closing his eyes, but when?

Jongin leans over the cradle, a hand held out with his thumb stroking across Minah’s cheek and she’s tiny, everything on her is so small. He thinks about the first time he actually took her in his arms and can’t believe two months have made her look so big already. He came back early today, and not just because he didn’t have a schedule, he did, but he hurried through it because he’s not going to lie to himself he misses her.

He also misses this calm and quiet moment in his life, those two months were the most unbearable when he was living them but this entire week was hell. Going back and forth through interviews and already having to attend runaway when he just came back, they’Re trying to suck all the energy out of him then leave him for dead once they will have enough of him.

It used to be fun, but he’s not sure now. He doesn’t regret having taken the decision to work twice faster than usual to get back to his apartment even if he felt exhausted now. It took his mind off a lot of things and Baekhyun might not know it, and he also might never know it, but he’s done a good job keeping Jongin sane for today.

Mostly because he’s never been so uncertain of how to handle things and with Minah everything is so fragile and new and delicate, he’s not used to delicateness, he’s more blunt and practical, so hearing Baekhyun says he looks like a father to her, it got to him. He never asked his friends or the people who knew about her because he’s Kim Jongin, he can’t actually not be confident about one thing in his life.

But he truly is terrified that he’s not being good to Minah, he’s scared and he doesn’t even care that he looks right out of his element because he feels out of it. He hasn’t even told his parents about her because he’s scared of what they will think of her, if they think she’s not fit and he hasn’t been doing a good job it won’t be easy on his mind.

He doesn’t feel like sleeping in his own bed tonight so he settles on the chair that he used to sit on while rocking Minah so she could sleep and where she’d usually just cry until she fell asleep instead of listening to him and yawns as soon as his head hits the back of the chair.

It doesn’t take long for him to doze off.

He’s a little lost when he wakes up, it’s a still a bit of a haze and he blinks his eyes open only because he hears his name and it’s followed with, “—in, hey, wake up, you should get to your bed.” Jongin stirs, blinking sleepily, he’s still caught in between slumber and consciousness but he recognizes Baekhyun’s voice, he also recognizes Baekhyun hovering above him.

He doesn’t remember covering himself with a blanket but he finds one where his fingers touch his shoulders and he shifts stopping net when eh feels a pain in his neck, this must be why Baekhyun’s trying to wake him up.

You’ll hurt everywhere tomorrow.” It’s true, but he really can’t wake up, maybe he’s just dreaming, he should just go back to sleep and deal with the pain tomorrow, but Baekhyun laughs then and his breath brushes past Jongin’s cheek, soft and ticklish.

“Hm,” Jongin smiles with his eyes half open half closed, he also wets his bottom lip as he reaches with a hand, leaning up without thinking a second about what he’s doing until his mouth is closed on Baekhyun’s mouth with a smile that fades instantly.

It’s just for a second though, in which Jongin hums softly before he’s pulling back mumbling, “You’re pretty,”



a/n: so i kind of made a post about this idea awhile ago and i made a blog for baekai oneshots/drabbles request that can be related to my old oneshots or can be new prompts too so don't hesitate,
click here if you want to request ♥

Tags: chaptered, exo, jongin/baekhyun, rating: pg-13, romance
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